Houston Medical Forum History

The Houston Medical Forum and University of Houston Center for Public History invite you to view: “To Bear Fruit for Our Race”: A History of African American Physicians in Houston.

This is an online exhibit that captures an important chapter in American history and places it in the context of the history of Houston, civil rights, and medicine in the twentieth century.

Through the stirring stories shared in this exhibit, we hope to inspire middle school and high school students to careers in medicine or other professions. To facilitate this goal, the Web site includes curricular materials in science and social studies for middle school students and high school students.

The Web site also contains photographs and original historical documents stretching across the twentieth century. Pop-up boxes throughout the text provide students with information on medical terms and historical events and actors. Video clips from oral history interviews with Houston area physicians are interspersed throughout the exhibit allowing the students to “meet” the men and women who made history.

Physicians should contribute to get their stories to be part of recorded Houston history. They also have the opportunity to encourage middle and high school students to enter the professions.

To donate and have your story considered for posting on the website, please click on the "Donate Now"  link below.

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