Dr. Kevin Smith is a leading facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose and throat doctor who has been practicing in Houston, Texas for 20 years. Over this time he has developed expertise in performing more than 3000 facelifts and eyelid procedures. He also is an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon. He has developed an innovative treatment for patients with severe migraine-like headaches by looking for the source of the pain as it relates to the nose and sinuses. He has helped over 1000 patients find relief from their headache pain which lead him to write his book called, The Migraine Imposter.

Dr. Smith’s completed his pre-medical requirements at the University of Michigan while on a football scholarship. He attended the University of Texas Medical School in Houston in 1986 and stayed for his otolaryngology residency. His fellowship in facial plastic surgery was completed at the prestigious McCullough Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Smith is a past president of the Houston Medical Forum and Central branch of the Harris County Medical Society. He was appointed to the Texas Medical Board by Governor George Bush in 2000. He mentors students and has them shadow him. He lectures to the first year medical students at UT Medical School annually.

In his spare time he loves to play golf, travel and listen to all types of music. In fact he has been on a golf reality show and appeared on the Today Show as Esquire magazine’s finalist for their Best Dressed Man in America contest. He has been married to his lovely wife Allison for 24 years and they have two daughters Kara and Alana.

To learn more about Dr. Smith, visit his website at www.kevinsmithmd.com

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